What documents are necessary to begin the mortgage process?

Here is a list of commonly needed documents that you will need to gather in order to start the loan process:


  • Most recent two months bank statements for all checking and savings accounts listed on the applications (all pages)
  • Most recent two months or quarterly statements for all stock, mutual funds, retirement accounts, bonds, etc (all pages)
  • If you are selling a home, please provide a copy of the contract and we will also need to see a copy of the Closing Settlement Statement to show that it has been closed. We will need this also if you are using these funds for any part the downpayment or closing costs of the purchase of your new home.
  • Please provide a copy of your drivers license (s)
  • Please provide the most recent two years tax returns and W-2's (all pages and all schedules).
  • If you are employed, please provide your most recent two paystubs showing Year To Date earnings and past two years W-2's
  • If you are using alimony and/ or child support for qualification purposes, please provide a copy of your divorce decree (all pages).
  • Name and telephone number of someone in your Human Resource department or of your office managerto verify employment and income.
  • If receiving a gift for down payment and/ or closing costs, please provide a copy of the withdrawl slip from the donor, a copy of their bank statement, a copy of the check and a copy of the deposit ticket going into your account.
  • If you are buying a second home or an investment property, please provide a copy of your mortgage statement to show that your taxes and insurance are escrowed. If not, please provide a copy of your tax bill and your insurance bill.
  • If you are receiving pension, disability income, child support, alimony, or Social Security Income in order to qualify for your loan, please provide a letter from the respective agency to show the amount and duration.
  • Please provide a copy of your current mortgage statement.
  • Please provide a copy of your social security card.
  • Please provide the name and telephone number of the managment company or landlord for your rental verification.
  • Please provide the name, number and a copy of the declaration page for your home owner's insurance (if refinancing)
  • Please provide a copy of your Prior Owner's Policy (if refinancing)
  • Please provide a copy of your survey (if refinancing)


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