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Weakened ARM Biz Tops Slower Weekly Loan Activity
The past week, new mortgage business declined as adjustable rate mortgages and jumbo loans took the biggest week-over-week hits.At 158 for the week that ended on May 1, the U.S. Mortgage Market Index from LoanSifter/Optimal Blue and Mortgage Daily showed mortgage activity declined 8 percent from the previous seven days.The index, which offers insight into average per-user product-and-pricing inquiries by LoanSifter customers, dropped 15 percent from the seven days ended May 2 last year.
Mortgage Turnaround Slows as Closing Ratios Rise
The share of home loan applications that closed improved on a monthly basis, though turnaround on loan originations suffered.Two-thirds of March's business was conventional, while loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration accounted for 22 percent.Mortgages that were guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs represented 9 percent of the latest month's originations.


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